With stories of mania, staggering thoughts and walks along dark alleys. With dreams of oases and opportunities. With thoughts about abstinence and burning paint thinner. With love for free feets. And with the story of a girl on a tight rope...

After 300's of gigs in sun-drenched city parks, vibrant summer festivals and boiling nightclubs, Apolonia claims to know what the audience wants. A colorful, energy-loaded farrago of influences from west to east, north to south, which now is compressed into stories on their latest album Fria Fötter (Free Feets).

Apolonia´s music is inspired by things and events that interacts and explodes in
everyday life around us, as well as from Oriental color, form and mystery. Balkan music, reggae, circus songs, Scandinavian folkmusic, latin, ska... the list goes on. Let´s just call it Apolonia music! Nine dedicated and talented instrumentalists on fiddle, banjo, double bass,
drums, saxophones, trombone, piano and accordion offers the best of all worlds. The Swedish lyrics are disclosure, pictorial and seductively expressive with glow of linguistic playfulness and improvisation. The band delivers an exuberant and addictive cavalcade of musical concoction that simply must be experienced!


Posted 5 maj 2015