Esbjörn Hazelius

Esbjörn’s musical journey through life has been long, intense and full of variation: As an Irish-tradition violin player, Swedish folklore singer or as a string artist.

Nuanced multi instrumentalist Esbjörn Hazelius has played in bands such as Quilty, Hazelius-Hedin, and Eitre. Esbjörn has also been the musical engine behind Swedish singer and folk music star, Sofia Karlsson. This year, he's produced the new album by one of Sweden’s biggest and most famous artists, Tomas Ledin.

In 2010, he released his first solo album, ”Blunda och Du Ska Få Se”, where, inspired by elderly Irish, Swedish and American music, he sang his own songs in Swedish. Together with his amazing band, Esbjörn creates music filled with warmth that moves and fascinates, and lyrics that feel fresh and down to earth. The album was nominated for the Swedish Grammy Award and awarded with the The Manifest Prize.


Posted 24 mars 2010