John Lindberg Trio

After the successful year of 2011 with the album Made For Rock N Roll the trio will now release their fifth album.
Last year the band did over a 100 concerts, two tours in Finland, a Norway-tour and also debut on Danish soil!
The band played famous Swedish venues like Dalhalla, Peace & Love and two support concerts for Jerry Williams and of course every single rock venue worthy of the name.

A long journey has taken place since John as a 13-year-old boy started travelling the Swedish countryside of Dalarna and Gävleborg with his guitar. Both the band and the Rockabilly culture have exploded on the Swedish people.

After their debut album was released in 2006 the band went as an opening act for Refreshments on the Christmas tour – and being the band most people talked about when the evening was over. The next two albums, released in 2007 and 2009, landed well with the old fans and gave them hordes of new ones.

In May 2012 it’s time for release of their new album, Hell Of A Ride (Enviken / Cosmos). The band continues to stand with one foot in modern rock and the other in the 50s rockabilly. The special sound that has become JLT's signature.

In the autumn of 2012 JLT is in focus with a new radio single together with famous swedish blues queen Louise Hoffsten. On top of that they are for the first time taking their christmas tour Rock This Christmas on tour outside their native Dalarna.

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