Lena Willemark Lyöstraini

The album Trees of light will be released on ECM worldwide the 15/1-2015 and be followed up by a swedish tour in march 2015.

Karin Nakagawa is expressing the spirit and spreading the soul of Japan out to the world through her excellence on the 25-string Koto, an ancient harp-like instrument seldom seen outside Japan.

Being raised in a family of musicians and being always well known for her versatility in improvisation, Karin today collaborates with musicians from Eastern, Western and Folk traditions, as well as Jazz and Contemporary styles. Not being limited to specific genres or fields, she also successfully collaborates with Storytellers, Actors, Dancers and Painters.

Karin Nakagawas roots lie in the ancient music of Japan- songs of the wind and the rain and songs of planting the rice. During her university education, Karin studied the traditional 13-string Koto, but she is today considered being one of the very few real experts of the 25-string Koto. She was inspired and taught by master Keiko Nosaka since the age of twelve.

Lena Willemark, with roots in the area of Älvdalen, has for many years been considered to be the leading singer and fiddle player in swedish folk tradition. Her importance in spreading and building understanding for this music cannot be exaggerated. A great amount of prizes and awards confirms her unique artistic depth, her international recognition and her open curiousity in new musical meetings.

Anders Jormin is a composer and celebrated double bassist, internationally highly respected within the fields of contemporary improvised music. Holding a professorship as well as being an honory doctor in improvisation, Anders has an international working field and he is one of Scandinavias jazz artists most in demand.

In the fascinating project LYÖSTRAINI (TREES OF LIGHT) Lena, Karin and Anders carefully let the japanese classical tradition, Lenas strong poems in her native Älvdals-toungue and the open fields of improvisation meet and react into a unique musical world where new paths are being created. The music of this ensemble carries an impression of history, of today and tomorrow- in the same, resonant spur of the moment…


Posted 25 februari 2015