For soon to be two decades, Oddjob has been one of the leading jazz groups in Sweden, with several Grammy nominations and Grammy awards to their name. 
On their newest studio album, entitled "Folk", they explore Swedish folk music and uses samplings and recordings from the 50’s to create new jazz quite unlike anything ever done before. The record has been made in collaboration with "Svenskt Visarkiv" (The swedish song archive) and let's the typically "Oddjobian" sound of playful yet serious jazz intertwine with "kaiaking" (traditional singing technique) and key harps. The album was released in October 2015 and awarded a Swedish Grammy for Best Jazz of the Year. 

Being one of Swedens highest ranked jazz groups, Oddjob has taken it on themselves to spread jazz to the younger audience. The album Jazzoo took Sweden by storm in 2013, awarding the band a Swedish Grammy for Best Children's Album of the Year. The albums music and enclosed pamphlet tells the candid stories of the animals in the wild; the jazz. Illustrations are by British illustrator Ben Javens with the original text written in Swedish. It has since been translated to other languages such as English, German and French. 

As Oddjob takes the stage with Jazzoo they are accompanied by VJ Helene Berg who helps the animations based on Jarvens work, come to life in an interactive projection show, much to the young audience’s delight.



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