Sebastian Wijk

Sebastian Wijk (born 1987) from Helsingborg, made his musicial debut in 2010 with the highly appraised single ”A Throw-Away Letter.” Radio stations’ played the single frequently and their listeners were captivated by Sebastian’s intense and unique voice.
Wijk’s debut album, ”Down Below” (2011), was well received, and Sebastian made several TV appearances on national television. The release was followed by a promotional tour in Sweden, as well as numerous performances as a supporting act to artists like Moto Boy, Deportees, Lissie and Kleerups me and My Army.
In 2012 Sebastian formed a band, The White Raven, and started to work on material for his second album. Together with the band Wijk spent hours writing, rehearsing and refining their sound, and by the end of 2012 Sebastian and The White Raven launched their first single, ”Under a Hole (Into the Light)”, live on the radio show P3:session.
The video “Under a Hole (Into the Light)”, inspired by the stylistic work of Lars von Triers, is filmed in the woods surrounding Sebastian’s hometown. Sebastian himself was largely involved in conceptualising the video and production.