Stockholm Lisboa Project

Stockholm Lisboa works according to their own slogan "fado, polska and beyond". They blend traditional and contemporary music from Sweden and Portugal. Sometimes they combine the music from their countries in the same song. The Swedish polska and Nordic melancholy meets passionate fado and folk songs from Portugal.

The text is often about broken love, longing for friends who sailed on the Atlantic and dreams about the future.
Stockholm Lisboa Project consists of Filip Jers - chromatic and diatonic harmonica, Sérgio Crisóstomo – violin, Simon Stålspets - nordic mandola, willow flute, harmonica, goat horn and vocals, and new member since 2011:  the Portuguese singer Micaela Vaz. Her warm alto voice brings a timbre that strikes the listeners.
Since the international breakthrough with their last album Diagonal (2009), Stockholm Lisboa Project are today one of the most booked folk/world music groups in Sweden. In 2010 they performed at Womex in Copenhagen. Their international recognitions include among others the German Record Critics' Award, Die Schallplatte Kritik. This fall Stockholm Lisboa Project is releasing their third full-length album, Aurora.

Stockholm Lisboa about Stockholm Lisboa:
In this project, we explore our cultures and traditions when travelling diagonal through Europe. Portugal in the South West and Sweden in the North East of Europe are 4.000 kilometers apart from each other geographically, but in music sometimes very near. We have to listen carefully to the inner voice of each song that we play. What does the song tell us? How does the song want to be executed? Sometimes it says "play me in a fado style". Other times it says "I need Nordic clothes" A few times it says "I was born in Portugal and have a cousin in Sweden".  We call it "fado, polska and beyond". But that is to simplify this project, because the music doesn´t let itself define in words, just in music! Enjoy the travel.

Posted 7 november 2013