Postat den 7 juni 2017

PJ Harvey and Ramy Essam

PJ Harvey and Ramy Essam to release ‘The Camp’ on Friday June 9th 2017. Single set to raise much-needed awareness and funding to aid displaced children in the Lebanese Bekaa Valley. 

Artwork: Semaan Khawam, Giles Duley & Fabrica

PJ Harvey and Ramy Essam have come together to write and record ‘The Camp’ - a track which they hope will raise awareness and much needed support towards the health and educational well-being of displaced children in the Bekaa Valley of Lebanon. 

‘The Camp’ will be released digitally on Friday 9 June 2017. Harvey and Essam recorded the track in Bristol with Harvey’s longtime collaborator John Parish, who produced and mixed the track, and also appears on drums. The artists will donate all net profits from the track to Beyond Association in the Bekaa Valley, a national Lebanese non-Governmental Organisation. Beyond Association provides services such as access to education, healthcare, and psycho-social support mainly through art therapy, neuro-physiotherapy, and recreational activities. 
Watch the music video for "The Camp" here:

PJ Harvey and Ramy Essam - The Camp (Official Video)

"It is hard to comprehend the scale of the crisis in Lebanon, a country of 4 million now hosting over 1 million Syrian refugees,” states photo-journalist Giles Duley whose arresting photographs feature in the official music video, edited by Rick Holbrook. “The infrastructure of the country is pushed to its limit, and nowhere is that situation more desperate than in the Bekaa Valley. However, there are some amazing organisations doing incredible, effective, and selfless work on the ground there, and of all the NGOs I have documented, none have impressed me more than Beyond. To visit their schools and witness their programs is to see hope - and that is something we have to support.

Discussing how the project came to be, PJ Harvey explains how she instinctively knew that she wanted to collaborate with Essam; be it as a contribution to one of his ongoing projects, or something entirely new. “I began putting some ideas on paper, and sent over rough demos of two or three songs in their early forms,” recalls Harvey. One of these songs would ultimately become The Camp.

Photo: Seamus Murphy

When discussing the subject matter of the track, Ramy Essam speaks of his experiences during the revolution in the streets of Egypt. “I dealt with fights, beating, torture and the loss of friends,” he explains. While Essam’s struggle continues, he speaks fondly of the unique opportunity to work with PJ Harvey. “She is a humble person and true artist that I only could dream to even meet – and now I’m singing with her for this important cause, for humanity,” said Essam of the collaboration. “It was an honour to work with PJ Harvey, and I found it so inspiring. It gave me a chance to live my dream for a while.” 

Photo: Rodney Burciel

“When Polly and Ramy asked me to help provide some of the visuals for The Camp, I had no difficulty in deciding what photographs we should use,” says Giles Duley. “In my work I have documented the effects of conflict and humanitarian disaster across the world, but little has had greater impact on me than the human drama I witnessed on the island of Lesvos in 2015. I thought I had seen it all, but I can honestly say I have never been so overwhelmed as by the human drama that I watched unfolding on those beaches. Its sheer scale was hard to comprehend; the lack of response impossible to explain or excuse. So it is those images from the beaches, and the refugees’ journey from Greece to Germany that we used in the video for The Camp.” 

Postat den 30 maj 2017

Rigmor Gustafsson som ny ledamot i Akademien!

Kungliga musikaliska akademien har igår vid sin sammankomst beslutat att kalla Rigmor Gustafsson som ny ledamot i Akademien! 
Övriga nya svenska ledamöter är, Sverker Jullander, Mattias Wager, Ivo Nilsson, Elin Rombo och Leif Karlsson. 
Grattis Rigmor!

Postat den 23 maj 2017

Miriam Aida Leder Polar talks på Kulturhuset Stadsteatern

The highlight of the second part of the afternoon is an exclusive encounterwith the legendary Wayne Shorter, one of 2017’s two Laureates. The world famous jazz saxophonist will be interviewed by Miriam Aïda, music journalist and jazz musician, about his illustrious career, during which he played with luminaries such as Miles Davis, Lee Morgan, Herbie Hancock and Cindy Blackman.

Miriam Aïda is a Swedish singer, artist and radio host, who has released several albums and performed all around the world during the last 15 years. Miriam has a background both in Sweden and Morocco, and her music explores several musical landscapes and different musical traditions.

Since her album debute in 2002 she has released 9 albums. She received the award “Artist of the year” at Swedish World Music Awards 2012 and a Manifest award for her 2015 album É de Lei!

She is also an acclaimed radio profile for Swedish National Radio P2 Jazz as a producer and host.


Postat den 15 maj 2017

Pressinfo P2 Live Folk, tis 16 maj

P2 Live Folk tisdagen 16 maj 19.03-20.30. Presentation: Mats Einarsson. 1. Ale Möller Band;
Ale Möller, mandola, sång, flöjter, melodica, Maria Stellas, sång, fingercymbaler, Mamadou Sene, sång, slagverk, Rafael Sida Huizar, slagverk, sång, Erik Rydvall, nyckelharpa, mandolin, sång, Mats Öberg, keyboard, munspel, sång. Från Dunkers Kulturhus, Helsingborg, 15 mars.

Lekfullt och förbålt skickligt med Ale Möller Band!

Ale Möller Band består av en brokig skara artister som berikat svenskt musikliv under de snart femton år bandet funnits till. Ett liveband i första hand, säger många. Men faktum är att Ale Möller Band tilldelades en grammis för sitt första studioinspelade album ”Bodjal” 2004 och grammisnominerade också för sitt tredje album ”Argai” 2013. Argai är ett passande namn för var det handlar om. Argai är ett ord på fula, ett språk som talas i Västafrika, som betyder ”Välkommen, stig på”.  Välkommen, stig på, ta plats vi köksbordet! Ale Möller Band står för kalaset! Just denna kväll på Dunkers Kulturhus i Helsingborg med mästaren på nyckelharpa Erik Rydvall, slagverkaren Rafael Sida Huizar med sin latinska rytmkompetens, Maria Stellas med sin repertoar av grekiska sånger och danser i bagaget, den fenomenale umeåsonen Mats Öberg på klaviatur och kraftsångaren och dansaren Mamadou Senne med sina berättelser från Västafrika. Alla med sin bakgrund, sin nerv och sin personlighet som gör köksbordet till en öppen festplats. Och så Ale Möller själv, med alla sina instrument, låtar och arrangemang och sin osvikliga förmåga att locka fram det bästa ur sina musiker. Och sin publik!

Ale Möller Band är Ale Möller, mandola, sång, flöjter, melodica, Maria Stellas, sång, fingercymbaler, Mamadou Sene, sång, slagverk, Rafael Sida Huizar, slagverk, sång, Erik Rydvall, nyckelharpa, mandolin, sång, Mats Öberg, keyboard, munspel, sång.

Inspelningen på Dunkers Kulturhus i Helsingborg gjordes 15 mars av musiktekniker Jan Waldenmark och Jan Flodby. Mats Einarsson producerade.

Produktion, presentation och text: Mats Einarsson

Postat den 21 april 2017

Oddjobs enda Stockholmsspelning i vår!

Fredag, solen skiner och vi börjar närma oss Oddjobs enda Stockholmsspelning i vår! Torsdag nästa vecka smäller det på C/O Lilla Hotellbaren, insläpp från 18.00, band på scen ca 20.00!

Tagga till nu ---> Live: Oddjob | c/o Lilla Hotellbaren

Införskaffa dina biljetter nu --->

Jazz när det är som absolut bäst och lekfullast, live den 27/4!